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Petzl Tikka and Tikkina2 Head Torch comparison review

After losing my Petzl Tikkina2 head torch this weekend, it was time to get a new one. If you have never owned one they are just so handy, in the winter months. DIY, Hiking, Dog Walking, loft sorting, mine gets used all the time.

This time I opted for the Petzl Tikka. I wanted to stay with Petzl, as the head torch had been great these past few years. Both use 3xAAA batteries, and last for 100 hours plus, depending on the mode.

Time for some quick specs

Petzl Tikkina2

petzl-tikkina-2tikkina2 max

  • Weight – 80g
  • LED’s – 2
  • Lumens Max – 23
  • Distance Max – 23
  • Run time Max – 55hr
  • Lumens Eco – 11
  • Distance Eco – 13
  • Run Time Eco – 190hr

Petzl Tikka


  • Weight – 80g
  • LED’s – 1
  • Lumens Max – 100
  • Distance Max – 55
  • Run time Max – 120hr
  • Lumens Eco – 20
  • Distance Eco – 25
  • Run Time Eco – 180hr


The Tikka wins hands down in my book. Brighter, and longer lasting on max, and even on eco it still is brighter, and only lasting 10 hours less on eco, but for almost double the output. The Tikka also has some nice features, like it glows in the dark so its easy to find in your bag. One other thing I like about it is the first button click, is the eco power setting not the max like my old Tikkina2. This one little thing should keep your battery life up.

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