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Abandoned Ship. Duke of Lancaster (Fun Ship) Wales

A few weekends ago we went for a drive and came across the old fun ship the Duke of Lancaster. The so called art work on the side of the ship is a bit freaky to say the least, but its still cool to see.

A bit about the ship

“On August 10th, 1979, a former Sealink passenger ferry called “The Duke of Lancaster” was beached at Llanerch-y-Mor in North Wales with the intention of turning it into a floating leisure and retail complex called The Fun Ship but the project never achieved it’s full potential due to many long running legal disputes with the local council.” (Quoted from


funship1 funship2 funship3 funship5 funship6 funship7 funship8 funship9 funship11 funship12

The art work

“As of August 2012, the Latvian graffiti artist “Kiwie” was commissioned to spraypaint a design on the ship.[3] The ship is slowly being covered with graffiti described as “bright and surreal”.[4] The first phase of the project saw Kiwie and other European graffiti artists paint murals on the ship between August and November 2012, and the second phase (starting at the end of March 2013) included the work of British-based artists such as Snub23, Spacehop, Dan Kitchener and Dale Grimshaw.[5] One of the artworks is a picture of the ship’s first captain, John ‘Jack’ Irwin. “(quoted from

Its a sad and eerie site to see the old ship just sitting there getting more and more rusty.  There is another YouTube video that shows the interior from 2011, and it surprisingly looks good and dry inside. Its a 1970’s time capsule.

If you wish to visit the fun ship you can access the public path at the side of the dock from the car park of Abakhan

Coast Road
North Wales

Head to the top right hand corner of the car park. You will see the coastal path map, and info board. The path leads out from behind it. Follow the path under the rail bridge and you will see the fun ship. There is a public path to the left of the fun ships dock. This will take you down to see the full length of the fun ship. This side has the most art work on it.

It does not look like the ship will ever come back in use. The main access is via a very low bridge, under the railway. The other road is a dirt track that follows the coastal defences, which would be a major investment to upgrade. As these two roads wont allow for emergency vehicle access planning permission will always be turned down. The ship is unlikely to be scrapped as the value of the scrap does not cover the cost of removing the beached boat or improving the coastal access road.

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