Thursday, May 28

This is Lulu’s online craft shop. We tried hosting with another company’s ecommerce solution but were not impressed. So we are back the way we started with a site based around WordPress.

WordPress is a very good solution for most small sites. Lots of free plugins, for enhanced functions like selling, and you don’t need to edit the code to update your pages. You can do its straight from any web browser.

The plugins we are using for are:

  • Contact Form – as it sounds its a contact form, free and simple.
  • Google XML Sitemaps – if you want google to index your sites for free then the best way is using their webmaster tools and adding a sitemap to your site. This plug generates them for you, and google will link straight to the file for its update. Google like them as it saves them crawling your site each time. It give you the power to say watch they search on your site.
  • WP eCommerce – this is the bit that will run our shop. its free. it links into google merchant, so google will display your items under its shop section. it links into google Google Analytics, so you can track who has visited your site and if it was via a google search. It links into paypal for payment. Nice and Simple.

We are still testing, before we add our content. Hopefully I will start to get some up this weekend.

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