Saturday, June 6

New Web Hosting Provider – Tsohost

Long time no post I know.

We have now moved away from our old webhost Dreamhost and have moved to our new host Tsohost.


Why did we change web host?
Cost was the first drive and I wanted to get our hosting into the UK rather than the US.

Why did we pick Tsohost?
They were cheaper then most other hosts I came across, and a nice 10% off code helped.
And they offer free website migrations 🙂
The 10% code only applied to your first payment, so I opted for the a 2 year payment option, which turned out to cost less than what we used to pay Dreamhost for 1 year.

Am I happy with Tsohost?
So far so good.
They migrated this site over in a few days, once I had managed to give them access to the old server. Nothing was lost and everything worked as it did before. I just needed to change the DNS servers at our Domain registrar Reg123
hey have one click installs like Dreamhost did for most of the main content systems like WordPress, Concrete5, and Joomla. They also have a web site builder if you want something super simple.
We are using wordpress as a blog, but it will run as a website like  and 
here are lots of free addons for wordpress which allow you to do cool things like the booking system on the old school bunkhouse site.

If your would like to save 10% when you sign up to Tsohost use the code Quobsave10


Click here to get Tsohost’s latest offers.  Don’t forget to use the 10% code.

I will be putting some more blogs up soon of my delve into getting a new site/shop up called RibbonByLulu. WordPress, for the pages and Woocommerce for the shop system


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