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Eva’s Blog take over – Adventurous Entry into this world

Hi, I’m Eva, and I’m the newest blogger on this site. I am 1 week old Today!!!!

Eva BloggerMy Mummy and Daddy run this blog, but i’m taking over for this one to tell the tail of my Adventure into this World.

I’m an ICSI/IVF baby, so my journey to meet mummy and daddy had begun many months even before mummy became pregnant.  Mummy and Daddy got to see me as a tiny egg and watched me grow as I got bigger and bigger over the next 9 months.

I grew well in mummy’s Belly over the next 9 months but Mummy did worry all the way through, she was always expecting the worst!

I grew and grew and even waiting an extra 5 days until my Mummy’s waters broke just before 11pm on the Wednesday 13th April. She and Daddy spent the next 3 hours in the the labour ward getting things checked out. all was fine but I wasn’t quite ready and contractions came 2 in 10 minutes. They booked Mummy in to be inducted at 5 PM the following day, and sent her home. Mummy did not sleep that night. She made sure Daddy didn’t too. Come the morning, mummy’s contractions were getting stronger but were still only 2 in 10.

She worried again but everything was fine I was just taking my time! Its very tiring being a little kitten in mummy’s belly so she had to wait. 5pm came on Thursday the 14th and we went to the hospital for induction.

Mummy could hear my heartbeat on the hospital machine but the machine could not find mummy’s contractions, after changing the machine this was fixed and we could see that mummy was ready to go to the labour Suite at about 1AM.

They seemed to have the heating on Max on the ward so Mummy and Daddy, were happy the Labour Suite had an AC unit to cool them down. img_1289The Labour Suite was a much bigger room with a nice comfy chair for Daddy. We were lucky enough to have the same midwife from the ward, as our labour midwife. She put Mummy on a drip to help her contractions come stronger and more closer together. At about 3am Mummy needed an epidural to help with the pain of the contractions. Our midwife had come to the end of her shift, but Mummy still had some work to do. We had a new Midwife now, and a student midwife.  By about 7:30am I was almost ready to come out into the big world but then the fun began, just after the doctor said it was time to start pushing.

At about 8am the power went off in the Woman’s building, and the backup generator tried but did not kick in. Strangely though one inspection light and the AC stayed on. The monitor monitoring me, and mommy’s contractions went off. The Midwife had to go to manual mode, feeling for contractions and using a hand held doppler to keep an eye on me. As they did not have me and mummy on the big monitor they had to shut the drip off.

Time was ticking on and the lights had not come back on. A decision had been made to move me and mummy over to the Main building, to the Main Theater. Two nice paramedics arrived to help move us over to the main building as the lifts were out so we could not use the bridge. Just as they got mummy onto the stretcher, the lights came back on, but it was generator power. The move over the Main building was still a go. As it was going to be in the Theater, Daddy had to get into scrubs. Once we were all packed up into the ambulance the transfer only took 30 seconds. In through A&E and up the life to the 1st floor, and into the Theater. The Theater was full of the theater staff, getting everything ready. They got Mummy onto the table, and got her linked up to all the monitors in there. Now it was time for Mummy to push and for me to make my appearance.


They had Mummy back on the drip now, and her contractions started coming strong again now, but it had been about 3 hours since mummy was fully dilated, and over 24 hours since mummy’s waters broke, so a little help was required. The nice doctor helped pull my head out, to help me get out but Mummy did the rest. I screamed like a good girl when i was passed over to Mummy. As the operating theater was a little cold, I did not stay with my Mummy and Daddy too long before the Midwife took me to get cleaned up and wrapped up on a nice warm bed under a heat lamp. They put a nice knitted hat on me, which I rocked. I was not happy about being away from Mummy for too long.  I settled down once I was back there. It took a while for the doctor to stitch Mummy up, so I had to go back to the hot bed to keep warm.


The power was now back on in the Woman’s Building so we took the bridge back over. I was happy to be back on the labour ward as it was much warmer. I got weighed and got changed into my first outfit. I was 7lb 14oz. Its nice to be out in the big world, but its a bit scary at times.

It was another few hours before we got to the ward with the other new babies. I spent my first night on the ward with Mummy. I liked being in my cot next to Mummy, but i did not like breast feeding, so Mummy got Daddy to bring in some bottles and formula for me. Mummy had an accident with the first bottle and milk got everywhere. She got better with the second one. After a day on the ward me and Mummy we allowed home.

Big thanks to all the staff at Countess Of Chester Hospital, you were awesome.

The Adventure continues at home ………..

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