Thursday, May 28


We had a good drive to Edinburgh and arrived at the hotel early. Found the hotel was right next to the tram stop, so parked at the hotel used the facilities, and off for Eva’s first tram ride.

£8.50 for an all day family ticket, and 20mins later, we were in the heart of Edinburgh heading up to the castle.

It was lunchtime and with a little one you have to stop. Found a nice cafe in the Edinburgh Festival Centre. Cheap for being so close to the castle and changing facilities in the gents and ladies. Try the fruit smoothies.

We headed up to the castle were Eva went free due to being under 4.

It’s the best place to view the city from.

I will say Eva did enjoy it but it’s not really for the under 2s

Back down to catch the tram back so we could get a swim in at the hotel before dinner.

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