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Air Transat flight – Manchester to Vancover Economy class



We got to checkin at Manchester Airport just before they opened the checkin desks, and queued about 10 back. As it turned out we were the only web checkin people and got stright to the front. After passing security and making our way through we found a nice quite bit in a bar to have a bite to eat IMG_0929.JPG and the obligitory pre flight drinks IMG_0928.JPG. Lulu even managed to fit a bit of plane spotting in. IMG_1052

We were not too sure when we booked into economy if we were going to be ok. As things turned out the seats where fine. Lulu managed to prebook two seats together 24hr before out flight, the central isle was the only option, no window seat but on a long flight ease of getting up is sometimes better. IMG_1054

Blue lighting, with blue leather seats, and the leg space was not too bad IMG_1055

Orange chicken with stirfried rice IMG_1057

Wine and cofee with your  meal IMG_1060


And a chunk of Maple Syrup Fudge for desert IMG_1056


Cheese Pizza was served later on.

We touched down in Vancover on time.


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